Friday Links

Happy Friday!

I don’t know what the week has been like where you are but it’s been hot here, this week I walked to M&S to buy some trousers for work and came out with new pj’s and a nightdress. That basically sums up my week.

My plans for the weekend are all about the allotment, working on it, the open day and generally grinding it out and with any luck…haslet.

This week posts from me were the usual miscellany, a recap of reading in May and an update on the plot.

And here are this week’s links:

From Heathrow to Brexit, showmen have taken over politics

The problem with extreme male body transformations

Who rules the world? Narcissists. Let’s stop giving them all the breaks. This

Social media drips with wrongheaded opinion masquerading as violent certainty. The buzziest television programme of the day, Love Island, is essentially just a petri dish of obnoxious self-adoration. Untalented colleagues get promoted above you because they are unafraid to gelatinously network. The world’s sole remaining superpower, for crying out loud, is run by a man who looks like the cartoon you’d draw for a monkey to make it understand the basic concept of narcissism. It’s everywhere. We’re drowning in it.

Going it alone: why I chose single motherhood. Because I made the opposite choice, I’m fascinated by people who do this.

Are women’s breasts getting bigger – or is it just our bras? It’s weird, I’ve been using bravissimo for years, and I now own an M&S bra in my size. This is the London bubble, I guess!

The Science Isn’t Settled on Chronic Lyme. I think this is worth a read, I’m sitting on the fence on this one, but I know a couple of very sane people who have a diagnosis of chronic lyme and whether it’s lyme or something else, it isn’t in their heads.

Chronicler of London gentrification priced out of Shoreditch. This is pretty much peak London. I love my city but it needs two things, price protection and stronger provincial cities….

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