Monday Miscellany

Morning All!

I feel that I didn’t stop this weekend, of course I did but it just feels like I was doing something, planning to do something or stopping doing something so I could go to bed. But on Saturday night, there was an amazing sky!Every couple of years, I have a year where I seem to be either very tasty to bugs or very allergic to the bugs that do bite me. This year seems to be one of those years. I have a ten bites right now and my right hand (three bites) got incredibly swollen on Sunday and itchy and sore. More anti-histamines…That’s my fist, can you see all four knuckles? Exactly, it’s not normal…

Sarah and Fred and I went for our walk this Sunday and found Sharon from Allotment Life at the market at Brentford. It looked amazing and I wish I’d been together enough to take a photo of her beautiful flowers!

I did however take a photo of Fred finally conked out after our walk.This week is going to be hot. So my life is going to be work, water, home, sleep. That’s it, I don’t expect to have a life other than that, therefore, I’ve actually got my act together and done some food prep which is good. This week, I want to try going to work on the district line because it has air-conditioned trains but I have no major goals for this week, other than to keep on top of the watering and get through a big week at work!

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