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Happy Friday!


Russia Is Just One Tournament Cancellation Away From Being Crowned World Cup Champions

Russia enjoyed an emphatic curtain-raising at the 2018 World Cup, beating Saudi Arabia 5-0 in Moscow. The home squad faced little resistance from their opponents, who approached the match with all the verve and incisiveness of 11 men simultaneously recovering from cataract operations

John Barnes on racism, football and Russia. John Barnes: ‘I would never advise a young black player to walk off’

Cites Same Bible Passage Used to Justify Slavery to Defend Immigrant Family Separations.  I’ve seen lots of other things about how this in a misinterpretation of the passage but this week I’ve been reading about Waterloo and there’s a quote from General Blucher about a defecting French general. The general defected on June 15 and ran to the Prussians, he was accepted but Blucher wouldn’t talk to him and when asked why said “Hundsfort bleibt Hundsfort” which basically translates as ‘once a dog’s vagina, always a dog’s vagina’. Sessions knew who Trump was and Trump showed the world who he was. Anyone who can believe or work for Trump’s agenda, needs a whole lot more Jesus in their life. You know the Jesus who hated hypocrites and loved sinners….

Universal credit savaged by public spending watchdog

Great Exhibition of the North: best days out in the north-east. I’m not going until after this has finished but Newcastle is lovely and I heartily endorse Alnwick (esp Barter Books), Low Newton and Dunstanburgh, Druridge Bay, Howick Hall, Tynemouth and Durham! Roll on September!

‘Call me Mr President’: Emmanuel Macron scolds teenager. It’s very Macron, the formality of the French and respect for the office.

From overnight oats to boiled eggs – is meal prep taking the joy out of eating? Not for me, because I only really eat the same thing for weekday breakfasts and lunches but my views on the joy of planning are well known!

How They Defend the Indefensible

Donald Trump’s child cruelty shocks us, but it shouldn’t surprise us

Japan and Senegal fans tidy up after themselves at World Cup

The surge in hay fever is rooted in our modern lifestyles. Interesting, my hayfever is ok, I take a one a day tablet and am fine, I think it’s the allotment but my asthma is much worse right now, which is something to do with air pollution.

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