Allotment Adventures: Hard work

Sometimes when you have an allotment, it seems like you work stupidly hard but don’t materially change anything. This week was one of those weeks.We started, Ma at the top of the plot and me at the bottom. Ma weeded, watered picked an abundance of raspberries (they are really going nuts!) and then weeded them! Oh how she suffered, truly her arms are covered in scratches!

I weeded, watered, and pruned the 4 tomato beds. I love growing tomatoes but the do take a lot of work and a lot of water! I also picked peas and planted out the emergency cucumbers!I sowed borlotti beans in the ‘three sisters’ bedThe spinach had bolted in the hot weather and so we pulled it up and sowed beetroot in its place. I also sowed carrots, lettuce and spinach in the ex-broad bean bed!

We worked for hours, but as ever didn’t get everything done! I’ll water in the week and probably pick peas and raspberries but the work will happen on the weekendI’m solo allotmenting then, Ma is in Lincolnshire for a holiday (which means that though I’m down a weeder, I’ll be up a haslet when she’s back, I didn’t know my Grandma but my love of haslet must be hereditary!)

The list

  • Sow parsley
  • Sow coriander
  • Sow kale
  • Sow chard
  • Sow pak choi
  • Buy and plant basil plants in tomato beds.
  • Weed
  • Water
  • Thin carrots 

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4 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Hard work

  1. Sharon says:

    Looks fab – the hard work does show 👍

  2. Valonia says:

    Looks great! I look forward to seeing how your Three Sisters bed goes. I got my timings wrong this year and my beans are bigger than my sweetcorn! I’ll try again next year, but for this year they’re all in separate beds.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Truthfully, it’s the only way I could get everything in, so the sizing is all over the place, we’ll see what happens! Because I’m lazy I always sow beans and peas direct and I missed the window for sowing sweetcorn indoors, so laziness saved me!

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