Monthly Goals: June/July 2018

How are we at the end of June already? It’s been a pretty good month, I got through the first month at work, I’m still feeling that I don’t know anything but when I break it down, I know quite a lot. I need to learn more about what we do and all of it needs some structure but learning and imposing process are things that I’m good at so I just need to keep at it and I’ll get it! Mostly because of the plot, June to September are busy times of year, I need to be at the plot at least three times a week and one of those times need to be at least 4-5 hours. Which cuts into my down time quite a bit and then there is dealing with the produce and trying to keep on top of housework and work and life generally.

This month has felt busier because you do forget how much energy learning takes and how settled I was in the last job, my new role feels like more of a stretch and so to feel better, I need to be more in control. Control is a big thing for me!

So this is how June went….

Mind and Body

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good

  • 10,000 steps a day.
  • Vitamins every day.
  • Feet and Hands.
  • Golden hour – I’ve been struggling a little bit with this but I’ve managed it more than I haven’t, but only just, so partial success
  • Therapy – Well, I’m doing it and it’s as helpful as it always is. The lovely thing about having the same therapist for years, is that it’s easy to track progress and see change. The first year I did this properly was just after I moved back to Ealing. It was so hard and I was really reluctant to stop. Now, I can see the conclusion to this period of therapy coming, because therapy has given me the tools to get out of my way and deal with my life and my reaction to it. Conclusion is a while away, we’re still going for August, I have some things to work through but it’s good.
  • Good things journal everyday – this has been really good, it’s a nice stop at the end of each day and reflect on the good things that have been in it. Overall, I’m feeling more aware of how good my life is!

Budget & Spending

  • Get through the month without financial explosion. – done and it continues, I need to get my head around money coming in and spending, but I’m on my way.

House Beautiful

  • Stick to the housework rota – I have hoovered once this month but the house is more or less under control!

Allotment  (still the longest list!)

  • plant out remaining squash
  • sow more carrots and radishes and spring onions
  • sow chard, kale, pak choi and cauliflower – not done at all maybe today!
  • sow more salad
  • keep on top of the watering and weeding

The allotment is looking really good, I’m still minus a courgette but I can live with that!

So onto July Goals

July is a quieter month, tomorrow is the allotment Open Day,  I’ll be on the plant stall, Ma is on the cake stall, if you’re nearby, we’d love to see you, the site looks amazing! But I don’t have a lot else in the diary. Work, plot, home, reading is pretty much my plan. So a total repeat of June because it’ll be busy enough. The things I really want to concentrate on are picking up things that I’ve dropped in the rush of the new job. Cooking and food prep, blogging, exercise.

Easy stuff.

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3 Responses to Monthly Goals: June/July 2018

  1. Valonia says:

    You’ve achieved so much, and are very organised too. Good luck with your Open Day tomorrow – have a lovely time. 🙂

  2. Nicculent says:

    I love how passionate you are about achieving your tasks and goals of every month and it motivates me to set more goals every day!Keep blogging girl!

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