Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday! Welcome to the week…

Today is the anniversary of Waterloo, which means that Ma and I will be whatsapping the key moments of the battle…it’s our thing…

The French

Last week, I learnt that the Isle of Man has two extra May Holidays a year, so that from May to August, they have a Bank Holiday a month. The question is, is it worth living on the Isle of Man to get the extra days off?

Adjusting to a new commute and workplace has been harder than I expected. For a start, it’s earlier, so I’ve been up and out of the house between 7 and 7:30 every morning and at my desk for 8:30 (mostly because we hot desk and this is the only way to get one!), you’ll have seen it on the blog and I’ve seen it in the state of my house!

I managed to reset the flat this weekend but my goal for this week, I want to work on getting out for a walk at lunchtime and making sure that I’m prepared for each day before bedtime. This week I do have a morning that starts at 5:30 and trip to Hampshire for a team activity day so lots of rest is going to help too…

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