Food and Cooking in September

It’s good to look back at how I ate and cooked at the end of the month. It does help pinpoint the overall tread of my cooking. This month was good month, I felt more prepared and therefore more inspired. I tried some new things, re-booted some ideas and fell in love with granola again!

Breakfasts this month were Spinach, Feta and Smoked Paprika Muffins, Overnight Oats Breakfast Pots, Rhubarb Compote Granola Breakfast Pots and on the weekend bread rolls with blackberry jam.IMG_3415I don’t make a lot of jam because I don’t eat a lot of jam but it is worth making some every year just for the joy of homemade breakfasts. I got three small jars out of the brambling we did in August and an apple and blackberry crumble. Ma is already planning going out next year with bigger boxes! It’s easy for breakfast to be the same every week and then I get bored of them and then I find myself eating ham and cheese croissants. So I planned a different breakfast each week to keep myself interested. The rhubarb compote granola pots were the best of the work breakfasts and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t grab more rhubarb, I need an allotment so I can grow loads of my own….one day..

Lunch was mostly leftovers from dinner. When that didn’t happen, there were pastries DSCF4926The pastries were good and a useful reminder that sometimes I need to think differently about how to re-use leftovers.

Notable dinners were  black bean and corn tacos, soup, braised lentils, black bean burgers, pasta pesto, Friday Night Pizza and mushrooms on toast. Mushrooms on toast became my “I can’t be bothered to cook, but I really want to eat something tasty” midweek dinner this month.DSCF4936Other cooking in September. I baked 3 cakes, two chocolate ones for various Baxters and a carrot cake for Jess at work. IMG_3367Also worth pointing out that I finally make a cream cheese frosting that didn’t have icing sugar lumps in it by making it in the magimix, only took me about 10 years to work that one out!DSCF4932 Also I re-learned or remembered that little bit of food prep goes a long way, so I made myself spend some time doing that on a Sunday. Preparing greens for cooking when I got home from shopping, so they fit in the fridge better and were ready to cook when I got home (wash them, dry them, chop them, place in a bag with a couple of paper towels, squeeze all the air you can out of the bag, store in fridge). Making soup from dying vegetables also came back with a vengance, no wasted vegetables and I have soup in the freezer for my 6 weeks of being an invalid! I baked 2 loaves of potato bread and a batch of these bread rolls and stashed in the freezer, which was useful to and have cooked chickpeas, black beans and white beans in the freezer for when I need them.


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