Friday Links

Happy Friday! I have the day off which is a good thing because I’ve had a cross and grumpy week! Here are this weeks links..

A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love‘ I’ve linked to other stuff on this but it remains true

Fathers who take the lead parent role.  I have mixed feelings about this, on the one hand good for him and his wife and kids. On the other why are the thoughts and feelings about lead parenting more valid coming from a man than from a woman? Men need to man up, yes, equal parenting is hard, but so many men I know view their domestic tasks as ‘helping’ their partners, not just what adults do. My Ma used to say that women can have a career, children and a successful marriage but only two of the three. Certainly that was her experience although I once she had children with my Dad a successful marriage was out of the question, but that was about his issues, not hers. It troubles me that two income families are a necessity for most couples nowadays and that still seems to be the case.

The new right to buy is solving 1979’s problems at today’s expense.

Is this supposed to be inspiring. I’m used to people laughing as I run – but do they ever wonder why I look so awkward? I have two responses. First, good for you, you’ve found something you like doing in the midst of difficult circumstances. Well done, hurrah etc. My second response is less polite, fuck off and don’t assume you know what I’m thinking when I see you run. Don’t, for the love of God, assume that because you’ve found purpose in running that would work for others. My friend Jenny is a running fanatic and  has written much (some of it even for the Guardian) about how running is helping her through chemo and cancer treatment, but she understands running works for her but might not for other people. Tina did not run, but being with people, being interested in them seemed to work for her. For other people, it’s other things, I suspect I would get through something like that on a wave of Georgette Heyer, whatever it was I wouldn’t be so bloody patronising about it.

Nasa faces contamination dilemma over Mars water investigations. It’s astonishing to me that we’ve sent all of this stuff out into the universe and there’s a committee that thinks about contamination.

Can you identify cities from their street plans? I got 8/13 and was relieved to get all the cities that I’ve been to right!

Why I’ve been happily renting my council flat for 24 years. This is what secure housing gives the working class.

When you have limited agency things happen to you. Unemployment and illness can rear their heads at any time, so knowing that you will have a roof over your head, no matter what, is invaluable

A proposal to change how we talk about the Civil War. Ok not we, as in the UK or our Civil War for that matter. It’s an interesting thought…

How the Banks ignored the lessons of the crash. Also how governments failed to hold them to account, I reckon in 100 years time, we’ll see this time as a repeat of the the 1920’s and 30’s. And have a think about what that lead to…

A fascinating cultural contrast here. Simon Jenkins on Putin and Syria and Vox explaining Putin’s strategy to American readers.

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