Braised lentils

One of the things I used to do, when things were really busy was to cook some lentils and some other grain, quinoa or pearl barley, so that even if I didn’t have a menu plan there was something I could stir fry with vegetable for a quick and easy dinner. Anything left over at the end of the week would get chucked into the ‘dying vegetables’ soup that I made at the end of the week.

I was thinking about this in relation to my six weeks of foot recovery, cooking, especially in the first two weeks is going to be limited because I won’t be able to stand for very long and I don’t have a microwave (if anyone has any suggestions for what quick, simple things I could make or even make in advance, let me know). I was thinking that I could cook grains and freeze them for convenience but then I remembered these lentils from Rachel Roddy. Rachel Eats is one of my favourite blogs, the food is simple and the flavours clear, I have loved watching how Rachel learns from Roman and Sicilian food traditions. 20141118-091013-33013740.jpgI also love these lentils, they fall into the ‘unicorn’ group of foods, simple, quick, cheap, using what I usually have in the house and good to eat. They are the perfect foundation food, I mostly eat these with a fried egg, but I’ve also added bacon to them for lunches, eaten them with sausages, added sautéed potatoes to them, used them to stuff peppers and chucked the last dregs into the dying vegetable soup.20141120-065733-25053758.jpg


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