What I’ve Read – September 2015

September’s reading list. Not as much reading done this month, I had less days off work!

What has everyone else been reading?

Pale Kings and Princes – Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman (borrowed)

Bitter of Tongue – Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan (borrowed)

The Fiery Trial – Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson (borrowed)

I’ve been working my way through these with Helene because she loves them and we will be reading Clare’s new series (H tells me!) which comes out next year. These short stories (Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy) are fleshing out the world and the ending of the Mortal Instruments series and leading towards the new books. Fun and I like things I can read in a hour (if that!)

Paris in Love – Eloisa James (library ebook)

This was perfect for my first week back at work, short and sweet updates about the year James and her family spent in Paris.

The Weaver Takes a Wife – Sheri Cobb South (Kindle TBR list)

Just lovely. The hero is a mill owner, who is decidedly not genteel, a regency anti hero if you will. I did have a problem with how he spoke, generic common working class English wasn’t quite right, enough with dropping his  ‘aitches. But fun and lovely.

Archangel’s Enigma – Nalini Singh (bought)

More Nalini Singh book crack. Read it in a day, I will at some point buy the new Psy-Changling book but I’m not going to pay £12.99 for it!

Some Kind of Wonderful – Sarah Morgan (library ebook)

This is the fifth Sarah Morgan book, I’ve read and I still love them. Easy with a happy ending.

The Captive – Grace Burrowes (library ebook)

Back with the Grace Burrowes regency. I was about 2 chapters in and I’d already reserved the next two of the trilogy!

The Traitor – Grace Burrowes (library ebook)

Of the three books, this was my favourite although it was completely far fetched. I couldn’t really buy any of it, but I am amazed that she managed to pull off making Sebastian a good man with really bad choices so well.

The Laird – Grace Burrowes (library ebook)

I was least enamoured of this book, I still read it in a day! Again with Burrowes, I liked the nuance, the ‘villian’ was a bad man but the book was realistic about not everything about him being awful and also about how you can can about someone who does bad things. I also likes that we got some more Sebastian and Milly!

The Arrangement – Mary Balogh (library book)

The Mary Balogh love-in continues, this is part of the Survivor’s Club series and I love the entire series so far. What I love best is the way that neither of the issues the hero and heroine are insurmountable, it the way they learn to deal with them together, they learn to think about each other and make life brighter. No one is cured, mean people don’t come round or apologise but the couple learns to be happy and whole despite that and with help.

The Ant Colony – Jenny Valentine (library book)

I loved Finding Violet Park (although I still think the US title – Me, the Missing and the Dead was better!) and Broken Soup. I liked this one too, but I sort of fear for the future of everyone in this book…

The Return of Captain John Emmett – Elizabeth Speller (actual TBR pile)

Bought the last time I was in Alnwick (Barter Books is my happy place) so it was past time I got around to it. I really enjoyed it even the mystery element of it. We have a set view of how the veterans of WWI behaved after the war. The poppies, the tomb of the unknown soldier and we imagine that it wasn’t talked about because it was so horrific. It was interesting to imagine a different response and look at how people heal and so on.

When A Scot Ties the Knot – Tessa Dare (library ebook)

This is the third book in the Castles Ever After series and they are so silly and lots of fun. When they come out, I add them to my hold list and then forget about them and it’s always fun when the reminder pops up to tell me the book is available and I get to spend the day in Dare’s delightful, slightly mad world. This features a grumpy yet manly Scot (the only flavour Scots in historicals come in!) and a heroine who likes to draw, there are also a pair of mating (or not) lobsters. It’s mad but lots of fun…

The Duke’s Disaster – Grace Burrowes (library ebook)

More Burrowes crack.

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