Black Bean and Corn Pastries

One of my mainstay meals is black bean and corn tacos. Like anything I cook a lot of I’ve adapted it from the orignal recipe to suit me better. Those changes are that I add more vegetables, I put red onions in everything and this is no exception, I usually add another vegetable, most often a red or yellow pepper, sometimes cabbage and/or mushrooms, and I’ve stopped using salsa. Salsa requires a trip to the supermarket but I always have tinned tomatoes around so I use those. Last but not least, I used taco or fajita seasoning (I like this one) and smoked paprika instead of chilli powder.DSCF4916It makes quite a lot and is brilliant for leftovers. I eat it in tortillas as originally advertised, on top of baked potatoes, with rice as a sort of burrito bowl, stuffed in a pepper and once with pasta. On Sunday, there was some left and I needed to do something with it. So I made some simple shortcrust pastry (4oz of butter, 8oz plain flour, pinch of salt – whiz in a food processor, add water slowly until it clumps, remember the less water the better!) and made turnovers with the black bean and corn leftovers.

DSCF4917Baked in a medium oven for about 25 minutes. Any pastry that you don’t use can go into the freezer for next time or something else.DSCF4927I made up a quick tzatziki and chopped some celery, carrots and pepper up and that’s nearly a week of lunches sorted.

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