Food This Week – 4 to 10 October 2014

I don’t think there is ever a week when I keep exactly to a menu plan and last week was no different. There was no brisket, there were no black bean burgers. There was lots more soup that originally planned. Why? Poor planning, I didn’t shop on Saturday and a day (Tuesday) destroyed by a migraine.



Lunch – no plan. I’ll be at a pub for the afternoon for Max and Danielle’s farewell to London party.

Dinner – I have no idea, I’m at Christelle and Mike’s for dinner, so whatever they feed me!



Breakfast -I’ll still be at Christelle and Mike’s, so probably coffee and bread and jam!

Lunch – no plan.

Dinner – Taco Chilli from Back to Her Roots because it sounds (and looks) good although I have to be true to myself and will make it with something other than kidney beans. I’m not fond of kidney beans..



Breakfast – Egg cups. I haven’t had these for a while and they are a perfect take into work breakfast. I’ve done away with the cheese though. I eat them with some vegatables (carrots, peppers, celery)

Lunch – Leftovers from Sunday dinner

Dinner – Lentil Bolognese, with rice and vegetables.



Breakfast – Egg cups

Lunch – Leftovers from Monday night

Dinner Quinoa hash or something like it



Breakfast – Egg cups

Lunch – No plan. I have a half day on Wed to go and see the first of the James plays. James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock

Dinner – Farro



BreakfastEgg cups

Lunch – Leftovers from Wednesday

Dinner – No plan.



Breakfast – Pain au Raisin. It’s why Fridays were invented

Lunch – Make it up from leftovers or one of my trusty standbys of soup or hummus and vegetables.

Dinner – FNP?. Ma and I are doing 2 hours at Sipsmith 100 Martini, so we may eat somewhere, who knows



  • Dried Mango 
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit

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