Last week

It was not a great week. On Tuesday I had a migraine which knocked me flat and I spent a lot of the rest of the week feeling tired and spaced out. I was also really unhappy about Autumn really being upon us and everyone in the world being obsessed with pumpkins and pumpkin spice lattes. I refer you to this post and this one.  Clearly I have issues…

I also thought about what I need/want/have to do in October and got to the opticians

There was good news this week, Ma is moving. She’s been in her current flat for over 10 years and she’s very fond of it, with all it’s strange quirks, but last year the new landlord whacked up her rent and it’s left her feeling insecure and it’s been a stretch financially. She’s been on the housing list for sheltered housing for a year and has finally got a flat with a housing association. It’s near where she is now, one bedroom and although it needs a carpet and some kitchen equipment, it’s good news because it gives her an assured tenancy and some real security. This is where I point out why social housing and security are important…


So on Friday we celebrated that in the traditional Dempsey fashion, with champagne…

On Saturday night Mike, Christelle and I chatted, drank wine and had a dance party in the kitchen..


On Sunday, I went home and recovered from all that conviviality with a quiet afternoon, some knitting and chilli.

How was your week?



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