Quinoa Hash

So by now you will probably have noticed that I’m not a cook that develops recipes, I just cook and see what happens and of course some food doesn’t really need a recipes. This is one of them, because it’s more a guide than a strict set of instructions.

Quinoa is a useful grain to have around, especially now I’ve nailed cooking it, basically wash it like it’s rice, then toast in a pan until it’s dry, add double the amount of liquid (I like to cook it in chicken stock) and a large pinch of salt, simmer for 15 minutes or until the liquid has been absorbed. Take off the heat, leave for a couple of minutes and then beat it a little to make it fluffy. Job done.

Quinoa Hash

Usually I cook a cup of quinoa and use it to add to salad or protein pots, any left over at the end of the week, normally gets dumped to the end of the week soup which gives it a protein boost.

Quinoa also works brilliantly as a quick and easy dinner, last night, as I was cooking the quinoa I sautéed some vegetables (leeks, broccoli, courgette, pepper and mushrooms) and mixed them together with some sun dried tomato puree (I use this one). I put a poached egg on it, mostly because I could and that was dinner. It took 30 minutes and I was happy.



Today, some of the leftovers came into work with me for lunch, and there is a little bit more in the fridge, which will probably form part of tonight’s ‘fend for yourself’ dinner, which is the night I don’t plan a meal but just make it up to use up leftovers.

So dinner and lunch all in 30 minutes.

What are you quick and easy meals?

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