Friday Links

1) This is just fascinating from the point of view of how to motivate your staff. Precation perks

2) This is just around the corner from me. Ealing has been covered in yellow ribbons and Ma and I were talking this weekend about how not knowing what happened to her would be the ‘worst worse’ option but knowing is also really awful.

3) Rio Ferdinand. I’ve never rated him as a footballer and I think he’s a muppet but to attack Kick It Out and to lie about it. Really Rio, less time feeling aggrieved and more time trying to stop QPR going down this season would be good.

4) On becoming a post Londoner. Funny but sad too!

5) Climate change is happening people, and it’s possible that the greenhouse effect is caused by something other than humans profligate use of fossil fuels but that isn’t really the point, the planet will be here until the sun supernovas but if this carries on mammals probably won’t be. More pictures of the walruses.

6) Rise of the super dairies. I don’t know enough about farming or cows to comment on indoor diaries but it seems to me that the cost of food is the issue and most people drink milk. If other costs, housing for example, weren’t so high maybe we could afford higher priced food…

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