Stuff right now.

1) I’m trying to adjust to real life after a week of sleeping as late as I like and doing what I want, having to get out of bed at 6am is tough, especially as it’s getting darker in the mornings but the hardest part is getting back into a routine. I know it’ll come but it’s been an effort to get my brain to remember the things I need to do. Yesterday night I sorted out my food for today, this morning I realised that I’d managed to make breakfast and snacks but hadn’t made anything for lunch, yep, I’d forgotten that I needed to make lunch! It was easily sorted but I just feel like I’m learning how to be a grown up again and I was only away a week!


2) I came back from Northumberland with a better attitude. Which is helping right now because my back decided that I haven’t been treating it well enough and is sore. Yesterday afternoon I went to see the physio, which was painful. After making me stretch and helping release the various tight muscles, I got a well earned lecture on making sure I do my stretches or yoga every day and preferably do them both every day.  Lots of yoga in my future.


3) I also came back from Northumberland with damsons for damson gin and now I have to stop with the infusing!



4) Is it wrong that I’m already thinking about Christmas? I think it is, but part of my role is booking the department Christmas lunch so it’s on my mind, also Ma and Ben have already had a discussion about where we spend Christmas, it involves maybe having to sleep in Oli’s bunk beds. I’m on leave from 19th December and don’t go back until 5th January so maybe I’m just looking forward to the rest!



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