Weekly Recap and food this week

Monday really does come around to soon!

I had a brilliant week last week, it was so relaxed but looking back on it, we actually did quite a lot…

We visited 4 castles – (Middleham, Belsay, Warkworth and Dunstanburgh)


Some beaches


Three visits to Spurreli’s, so good, my favourite flavour is the Cherry and Vanilla



Ate fish and chips



We went to Barter Books and spent nearly two hours wondering around, I bought six books and I’m claiming it was restraint!



There was even a trip on a boat and we saw seals, which almost made up for the seasickness.



We even went into Newcastle for a visit to the Baltic, which is always worth a visit.



So the thought of my usual routine and work this week is tough, I managed to unpack and sort my clothes out for this week but I’ve not done any shopping yet and my fridge has some cheese, a pot of yougurt, 4 sausages and a cabbage in it, which is not the foundation of a happy well balanced diet!

This morning, I grabbed some fruit and soup on the way into work to cover breakfast and lunch today. I will need to shop tonight but my plan for the week is to keep it simple, I’ve already cooked some lentils and quinoa and will use them through the week..


Some form of breakfast pot and the Friday pain au raisin.



Leftovers or soup



I’m only home for 4 nights this week and I really want to keep it simple, I’ll use the freezer for one night, there’s some vegetable stew so I’ll defrost that. The other three meals will probably be easy staples, stir fry with lentils, chickpea and spinach and roasted vegetables with lentils or quinoa.


Not terribly exciting but perfect for the first week back to reality…













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