Homeward bound

Today we leave Northumberland and travel all the way down the country and back to London. One of the things that we say a lot is that we’d spend more time up here if it was nearer!

I’m beginning to think that the journey up and down is part of the appeal, Ma and I spend the time travelling, adjusting to the new reality, either of going on holiday and getting to Middleham and then on the way back getting back into a London state of mind.


This June, I did Krissie’s BeFULL course and we started off by thinking about a word that described the feeling that we wanted to feel and a time when we felt like that. I chose peace and I wrote this:

My word for this feeling is peaceful.
But I struggle with using one word, because that word means a whole bunch of other things. It also means feeling calm and secure and content and trusting and joyous about God’s plan for my life and it’s also the place where I accept that I don’t understand or control all of it, which a big deal for me…

The place were I feel that most, is standing on a beach in Northumberland. There is something about the sky up there and while I suck at being serious and holy in the ‘thin space’ of Lindisfarne (I just want to think about the ‘teeny tiny’ monks) looking out to the sea from the ruins of Dunstanburgh, I feel it.


So taking what I learnt in June and what I felt over the last week, I’m going to use today’s journey to remember how I want to feel and how I’m going to keep that feeling and use it in the next couple of months (and also eat jelly babies and sing songs with Ma!) .


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