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The Weekend

Good morning and welcome to Monday and the last week of January! I’m always glad to see the end of January, it feels like a long and dull month, ok it does have the birthdays of some of my favourite … Continue reading

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The Weekend

Friday night and work night out playing ping pong I know it’s amazingly out of focus but it was that kind of a night! I won one game, lost the rest and didn’t really mind. It was night to catch … Continue reading

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Cook Books

I grew up in house where cooking was not a fun thing to do. Ma worked full time, Dad didn’t really cook, didn’t have working taste buds (40 a day smoker!) and everything had to come with a side of … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday today. Also celebrating birthdays today are The American Bar at the Savoy, (105 years older than me!), the World Wide Web (go google Tim Berners-Lee!), Tennyson, and Jamaica which celebrates 50 years of independence. So I’m in … Continue reading

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#resound11: Home is…

So behind on these, it’s been a mad week. How will you resound?When did you feel most at home this year: in your life, in your space, in your career, in your skin? What factors make that situation feel like … Continue reading

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Random Things

1) Pictures from my sister-in-law (or how cute is this boy!) 2) Tonight Ma is taking me for cheeky cocktails (how amazing is my mother) 3) Only another week and I’m going away to Northumbria. Expect more photos like this … Continue reading

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