A Day at Kew Gardens

London in August is interesting. Unlike Paris, the city doesn’t empty of everyone who lives there the other 11 months of the year to make room for the tourists. Although, it’s a bit quieter because the schools are out, the life of the city continues on with the addition of the tourists. (If you are a tourist and in London, here are my top tips!)

All that to say that I am very rarely a tourist in my own city, which is a waste because London is full of good things.

One of those things is Kew Gardens. It’s one of the largest botanical gardens in the world and it’s only a bus ride away from my house. So in my birthday week, Ma and I went for a visit.

This is The Hive, which I was fascinated by, I’d like to go back another time when there are less small children. I like small children and I loved the little girl running around shouting “I’m a bee, buzz” but it was hard to absorb the lights and noise and get into it when you are trying not to step on the small people running around!

 Although I loved how excited they were about it.

We also wondered around Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens. The Palace is run by the Historic Royal Palaces, which also run Kensington Palace, The Tower of London, Hampton Court, the Banqueting House and Hillsborough Castle (I remember when the Tower was run by English Heritage, which dates me!). Kew is mostly associated with George III, so was quite nice for Ma and I to wonder around.It was just the sort of day I needed. I love that Kew never seems crowded and always seems peaceful.

It was just lovely to wander about, looking at flowers and landscapeThey have vegetables gardens too…

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