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Allotment Adventures: Moving Compost

We have so much work to do to join the old and the new halves of the plot together but we have made inroads into the work. This weekend we moved the compost dalek on the old half to the … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: We did nothing

We had plans for Saturday but it was raining and I felt ill and so we did nothing. I went round with compost and coffee and to have a quick look but that was it! The borage is still in … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Getting a bit chilly

Last week didn’t only mark the beginning of November but maybe the beginning of cold weather. It has been getting colder, on the plot you can see it in what’s coming off the plot, as my allotment neighbour put it … Continue reading

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January doesn’t last forever…

Yesterday, I woke up grumpy. I didn’t feel good and I just wanted to go back to bed. I actually consider it to be a sign of what a grown up I have become that I got up and out … Continue reading

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It’s like this every year…

This week has been tough, no actually that’s not true. This week has felt tough. I’m tired, in migraine fortnight and it’s really, really dark so my SAD urge to hibernate has turned itself up to a million and I … Continue reading

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Tired and emotional

It’s foggy this morning, it’ll probably burn off later in the day but I’m always amused when people talk about ‘London fog’ because it’s not often foggy. There was smog in the days before the Clean Air Act, which Ma … Continue reading

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The importance of having goals..

If last week was ‘don’t do anything but housework and cross-stitch’,  this week is ‘get off bum and go do things’ week. This is caused by the realisation that it’s mid-way through August, Greenbelt is next week and to quote … Continue reading

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