Bus Drivers can be infuriating…


It’s raining, it’s dark, I’m totally shattered. Tonight is a bootcamp night though, I’ve rushed home from work, changed and am at the bus stop by 6.20pm. I have to confess I’m feeling pretty good about being hardcore enough to go out to do sit ups outside in the rain on wet grass. However, I missed Tuesday because there was no bus, I’ve been really good with diet this week and am gonna get this done. So imagine my horror and annoyance when the bus comes, the driver looks me on the eye, stops, sees me move towards the bus and then takes off.

I know I’m blessed to live in a city with public transport but it’s not without it’s issues…

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3 Responses to Bus Drivers can be infuriating…

  1. The bus drivers (or especially one) are much nicer than this one. What a unnice thing to do.


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