Life happening..

The weather is being weird. It’s warm, it’s grey and it rains a bit.  The Met Office is promising hot and sunny until Wednesday when the heat will ’cause rain. Lovely. The Met Office is also having a meeting of experts today to talk about how strange the weather is at the moment, which seems like a very British thing to do.


I’m not sleeping well, I wake up every morning feeling like I’ve been hit by a plank. I move much slower in the mornings, which may be old age or natural laziness. I’ve started to shower before bed and pack my breakfast to take to work with me so I can make up for the extra time it’s taking me to do anything in the morning.

Commuting is worse than usual, I realised this morning it’s because, even though it’s not sunny and doesn’t feel like summer, London is filling up with tourists.


Also if you are in London, go and check out the Festival of Neighbourhood. Which is great. And Apsley House for the Waterloo Festival.


Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Ma has been sending me texts about it, we are very strange…

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