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Builder woes or why I am more than usually grumpy..

Remember how last Sunday, I moved out of the house so the builder could fix my bedroom window and re-plaster that wall? Originally, I was planning on being back on Thursday but that didn’t happen because the work wasn’t finished … Continue reading

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Living with mother

I was at hoping to be at home today, but I’m still at Ma’s and will be until Friday. On Friday night we are staying in Watford and I will finally be back in my house on Saturday! Living with … Continue reading

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An old cup and the importance and unimportance of things

Can you remember what you used to eat for breakfast when you were a child? I was thinking about this on Monday and I remember, boiled egg and soldiers, cheese on toast and toast a lot (I didn’t like milk … Continue reading

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Birthday Week Trip – Plymouth

Last week, Ma and I went to Plymouth and it mostly rained! Plymouth is a long way to go for gin but that’s what we did. We like train journeys (especially when you get to see the sea!) and had … Continue reading

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The rest of her life

Yesterday was Ma’s last day of work. Ever. Ma left school at 16 and has pretty much worked ever since. There was maybe 6-ish months of not working when Ben and I were born (maternity leave wasn’t much available 40 … Continue reading

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The Weekend

This is a very late post because last night and most of today I had a migraine, not fun! So this is what I did over the Bank Holiday weekend.. On Friday, I did very little. Some sleep, some reading, … Continue reading

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Rich or poor, people matter (guest post)

As you may have guessed, I’m really close to my mum, she reads the blog and tells me what she thinks about it (and nags me about my inability to proof read properly.) I’ve been telling her she should write … Continue reading

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