The Weekend

I’ve managed to have an action packed and a quiet weekend.

I started my weekend with being a good daughter. Ok, I think that I’m always a good daughter but this weekend Ma needed to move things out of her kitchen and into boxes to prep for the nice man to come and fit a new kitchen. At last, visiting mother won’t involve being whacked by suicidal cabinet doors determined to break themselves on your head! Ma was using this opportunity to have a general clear out and I was getting a set of shelves to go into my cupboard which would involve cleaning it out (which is one of my January goals).

This is a long winded way of staying that I stayed at Ma’s on Friday night. We had dinner, did the crossword and had an early night.


Up early on Saturday to sort out Ma’s house, that done we walked some stuff to Oxfam, took stuff to the dump. Went to my house, via Sainsburys to do some food shopping, and then cleared out and re-organised the cupboard. One January goal down and I know it doesn’t look immaculate, I know what’s in the cupboard and more importantly where it is! On paper, or more to the point blog post, it doesn’t sound like much but it was an amazingly productive day, in which things got done. I went to bed feeling that I’d earned my sleep.


Sunday dawned wet and misty but determined to repeat the success of Saturday, I got up at 8am and went for my first run of the year. I need to cut 15 minutes out of my 5km to get to my aim but I felt good for going!


Home for stretches, a shower and breakfast. Then to housework, I de-Christmased the flat and  took the tree down.  So many pine needles, I broke the hoover with all that hoovering! The house is restored to normality after Christmas and extra tidy for the new year! Then cooking for the week, falafels for lunch, applesauce, cherry compote. The ironing and washing and all the other stuff that needed to be done.

The only problem for me with a day like that, is that I can’t stop. I keep seeing the little jobs that only take five minutes and doing them. So I didn’t sit down and paint my nails or read my book or catch up on anything on iPlayer, I just ran out of time doing little jobs!

Like I said it wasn’t an exciting weekend but I feel like I’ve set myself up for a successful week, which is probably the right thing for the first weekend of the year!

What did you get up to over the weekend? Quiet productivity, mad social whirl or a mix of the two?

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8 Responses to The Weekend

  1. myfitfoot says:

    Arghhhh, if I’d have known you were in kitchen clearing mode I’d have hired you myself.

    Well done on getting out there for a run, how I’d it go?

  2. myfitfoot says:

    Nic, if I’d have realised you were on kitchen clear out duty I’d have paid for you to come round and tackle my cupboards … missed opportunity!

    Well done on the run, how was it?

  3. nicdempsey says:

    Run was ok, slow but good to get done. Was a really good way to start the day. Funniest moment was when a ‘proper runner’ and friend passed me and made a comment about how fat and slow I was, I think she assumed that I couldn’t hear her. When about two minutes later she fell over on her arse I was amused!

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