The Weekend

Friday Night was another night with Oli and Ma. Oli was in a ‘no’ mood, he’s been ill this week and was just tired and done. He didn’t want to help make pizza, he didn’t want to wear his apron, he didn’t want to do anything that we suggested. We did have pizza though! Cue blurry photo…


We had brought some indoor sparklers, thinking that he might like them, that wasn’t the case, but he did like ‘putting out the fire’ with his fire engine that squirts water.  I got very wet!

DSCF3795 DSCF3796

Later on, he told Ma that there was no more water in the fire engine and then sprayed her…sometimes he’s so much like his Dad and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that got a soaking!


Ben and Lu didn’t get back until 3am. Ma and I were staying up in Watford and Saturday dawned in the rather grim Watford Travelodge. I did do all of my planned exercise though as part of re-committing to my Countdown to Christmas goals!


We went to watch Oli at his swimming lesson and then out for family lunch to celebrate Ma’s birthday. Ma’s birthday is now officially over and I can think about Christmas.



I got home about 5pm and had a nap that lasted until about 9pm. It was much needed and I missed Grace but honestly I really needed an early night.

On Sunday it was time to get back on track. Last week I was all over the place and I needed to properly prepare for the week. So some serious housework, washing and some DIY  in the form of re-whiting the grouting in the bathroom.

I still have a ton of stuff to do in the next couple of weeks but I feel a little more in control than I did which can only be a good thing.

This week I’m out tonight to see T&C, off to hear Hilary Mantel talk about Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies (which I am really looking forward to!), seeing Christelle on Wednesday and doing work Christmas things on Friday. Only two weekends to go until Christmas, I’m just going to try not to think about how much I need to do in those weekends!

How was your weekend? Are you on track for Christmas?Or like me panicky about all the stuff you haven’t done yet?

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