The Weekend

Happy Monday! Are you excited to be back at work today? I’m excited because tonight I shall be seeing OCMS live and that makes me happy!

So the weekend. The first weekend of February was the  first of three that are going to be quite busy. If I’m going to stay in control of the flat, work and my mind, I need to be very organised. I started off  on Friday by getting two washes (of the five that I do over the weekend) done. I was a bit late for work because the ginger cat that likes to sit outside my front door, ran into the house and took up residence under my bed. Normally, I manage to fend him off in the morning but on Friday I was going on 2 and half less hours sleep* than normal and not at the top of my game!

Friday night was a trip to the OXO Bar to celebrate the start of the month with a manhattan (or two or three!).


Ma stayed at mine and then left very early on Saturday morning and I went back to bed. We had family lunch in Ma’s new kitchen on Saturday afternoon.


Oli was delightful..but check out his sad face, up to that point he’d been helping mash potatoes and serve and was a bit sad about having to sit down and eat his dinner.

After dinner, I spent a lot of time being a witch, while Oli pretended to be a dragon who wanted to eat ‘witch and chips’. He also made a pond in the sink for the duck.



I was really surprised by how much he wanted to play but I’m never leaving my phone unattended near my brother and sister in law again!

Home on Saturday night and a very quiet and unproductive Sunday. I just ran out of steam and decided that I’d do nothing and enjoy doing it!

How was your weekend? Hopefully none of you had to hide in the bath from a nephew who had turned into a dragon!

*we went to see Kiss Me Kate, it was brilliant apart from the submissive, beaten woman part that is The Taming of the Shrew. Music was great though.

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