Christmas 2012

It feels like Christmas and Boxing Day was another weekend so I’m going to recap it like I do the weekend. Normal programming will resume tomorrow, with Friday Links (I’m changing the name because I do seem to be posting every week!) and the Friday Night Cocktail.

Christmas Eve involved some running around. Then at 3pm there were Carols and Lessons from Kings on the radio as I wrapped presents and set up the house for Christmas Eve dinner.



Ma arrived and we drank Manhattans while decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music. It needs to be pointed out that I love lametta but Ma goes completely mental with it.



DSCF3859 DSCF3860 DSCF3862

DSCF3875 DSCF3876

Christmas Eve dinner is always fish pie and peas washed down with champagne. It was lovely.

Christmas Day was presents, there are no photos but I got great presents.

Apart from maybe these! (also they are representative of money towards a new pair of proper glasses, which I really, really need so I’m not grumbling!)


Ma and I slowly sorted ourselves out and had breakfast. We headed over to Sarah and Justin’s to deliver presents and say hello to Ryan who was over for a flying visit. We also ended up saying hi to Steve, Jo, Owain and Rowan (R’s dad, step-mother and brothers) via the wonders of Facetime.

Then it was home. Food on Christmas Day also follows a fairly strict tradition, so we had smoked salmon sandwiches and champagne and lounged about reading and listening to the radio.


We got around to dinner about 7pm, roast beef, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and parsnips and brussel sprouts. It’s the same Christmas dinner we’ve been eating for about 5 years. Now and again we think maybe we should have something else, then we decide not to! Why mess with perfection? Everytime I make yorkshire puddings, I’m thankful that Charles taught me how, way back when I was 22…aren’t they perfect?


Then we washed up and watched Dr Who and the The Philadephia Story and then went to bed.

Boxing Day is always a day with Ben, Laura and Oli. We ate lasagne and eton mess, made by me, because I’m not just the world’s best aunt, I’m a pretty great sister too (look I have to say so, Ben never will!). To prove what a nice aunt I am (Oli is not convinced!) I helped* Oli put together one of his presents. Then we all watched Room on the Broom, fortunately Oli enjoyed this version so there was no repeat of our theatre experience!

*which actually consisted of me putting it together, while Oli showed me how his fire engine worked and telling me to read the instructions!

photo photo

Came home, sorted out work things and then to bed.

That was Christmas, although there are 12 days of Christmas, so this is only Day Three. I’m back to work tomorrow and Friday, then it’s the weekend!

How was your Christmas? Do you have food traditions for Christmas or do you like to mix it up every year?

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