Friday Links: Quiet

It’s the time between Christmas and New Year where things that happen don’t get reported much and I don’t read newspapers much. So these links are from before Christmas and I’ll get to the mess that this week unleashed on us next week!

You can’t serve Trump and America

Trump Forces Defense Secretary Mattis to Leave by Jan. 1, Will Replace Him With Deputy He’s such a bloody child…

‘Rough Sex’ Doesn’t Kill, Domestic Violence Does. This whole case makes me so angry. He caused damage to an artery in her vagina with a trigger spray bottle, he broke bones in her face….that’s not kink, that’s violation. And he got away with it. I don’t know if I’m more angry at him, the jury, the CPS or the judge, all of them should be ashamed of themselves…

Political figures celebrate Paddy Ashdown’s energy, bravery and humour. He was a leader of the Lib Dems, during the first election I ever voted in and he came to our college as part of the Election campaign, it’s sad for his family and I would direct you to his last tweets, which were quite something…


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