Monday Miscellany: Cheese for your needs

Happy Monday!I had a lovely Christmas week, Christmas Eve we decorated the tree, Christmas Day we went up to Shefford and had a lovely time, there was food, drink, fun. Once the littlest nephew was in bed, we played bingo. Ben didn’t want to play but called the numbers. And was hilarious! ‘Bennie’s bingo, where we have cheese for your needs and wine to make you feel fine!’On Boxing Day Ma and I went home and on Thursday we all met up again at my Aunt Jude’s.

Friday was a working from home day, which was good because I caught a cold. Friday was also the day my glasses snapped in two. That was the last straw, I’m not blind but I’m completely reliant on my glasses and contact lenses. I’d only had them for 4 months, I took them into the opticians on Saturday and they put the lenses into a duplicate frame and didn’t charge me because they shouldn’t have done that. Thank goodness for good customer service from Specsavers!

The rest of the weekend was very quiet and today is another working from home day and the last day of the year. I have my usual plans for NYE but I do need to pop into see the godchildren who are 18 today. It is a cliche but it’s true, the days crawl but the years fly by…



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