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Friday Links

Happy Friday, it’s been a hard week after the joy of the birthday it was back to earth with a bump! Here are this week’s links.. How to fall back in love with your job. I’m never going to love … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on reading.

I was going to include this in the links post on Friday but I seem to have a lot more thoughts about this than I realised, so best I put it here. This is the thing I read on Monday that … Continue reading

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Things I am putting on my face

‘Austerity’ is my own personal motto this year, which means that I’m trying to find cheaper alternatives to the more expensive parts of my skincare routine as they run out. Someone recommended the Pure range from Waitrose. So I thought that I’d … Continue reading

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Life Happened – Birthday week

Birthday weeks are the best weeks… Slides (I loved them!)Manhattansand birthday cakesFamily lunchOliand Ms T (with the glamorous hair!)Sunday breakfastand a religious procession at the end of my roadNot photographed – a migraine, carrot cake, Ma doing my ironing, a … Continue reading

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Words to live by

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Friday Links

Happy Friday… I wasn’t going to comment at all about the ‘Planned Parenthood are selling baby parts’ story because it’s not happening here but then a friend of a friend on Facebook mentioned it it all seriousness and so this seems … Continue reading

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The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

I know the answer is 42, I was hoping that on my 42nd birthday, I would wake up this morning and know everything. Alas, it’s not the case and this morning, I still know what I know and I’ll have … Continue reading

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