July Recap/August Goals

July was a slog, I’m not sure why, could it be because it’s the month before my birthday and therefore the month before the good stuff happens? Not sure but it felt long and difficult.

  • I had no migraines this month, I’m not saying any more than that because I might doom it.
  • Bad month for walking and exercise, I’ve only started to make up for that towards the end of the month…
  • My eating has been much the same, my sleep has been better than last month and I seem to be averaging 4 to 5 hours a night, not great but not too bad for me.
  • I’ve restarted the yoga before bedtime because even if it doesn’t help my sleep, it does help my back, feet and knees, which need all the help they can get.
  • No book buying this month, although my library habit is out of control, 13 books out currently, I love the library….
  • The house is tidy and clean but that’s about it. I’m loving the new quieter washing machine but it seems to lead to more ironing, even when I use the reduced ironing button.
  • I stuck to the budget this month although I did find it harder this month, I’m chalking it up to July being a slog. Ma and I also decided not to go to Northumberland this year, which is entirely due to budget issues. We will go next year in April instead. I will miss it but will keep the leave in October and do some stuff to the flat.

August Plans and Goals

Hurrah for my birthday month. Today, Ma and I are going to see High Society at the Old Vic. I’ve got time off on my actual birthday and the day after and even though there’s a planned Tube Strike, we’re going to the Hayward Gallery for Carsten Höller: Decision and then to the OXO for Manhattans (on the terrace if the weather is good!). 20140806-214843-78523315.jpgFamily lunch for my birthday, this year sees the return of Jo and Miss T, I’m looking forward to see what Miss T and Oli make of each other!

I’ll be popping into the Allotment Open Day on the 15th.

Last but not least, I have the last week of August off work and I’m heading off to Wales to see Ryan and Claire get married! So a pretty busy month in all!


I’m feeling good about what I’m doing at the moment I just need to do it more. So regular body balance, more walking and yoga before bed are the August goals.IMG_2825


This is another more of the same goal, don’t buy any books…photo


Just keep it clean and tidy, I’ll be busy in August, so just keeping on top of it is good enough this month.



This is more of the same, stick to the budget…

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