This week I will bake myself a cake. It won’t be all for me, there will be Ben, Laura, Oli, Josephine, Tabitha and Ma to help me eat it. There will not be candles, the last time I had a birthday cake with candles was also the last time someone baked me a cake for my birthday. It was my 21st. I’m not complaining I’ve just learnt that if I want a birthday cake (and who the hell doesn’t want birthday cake?) I have to make it myself. So I do.20140804-095007-35407773.jpgI have noticed that my birthday cake baking is now tends to be the following 4 things because they work, I know they work and no-one complains about them.

The Birthday Cake

The first time I made this was for Oli’s 1st birthday. I made it in various badly decorated versions until he was 4. That was the year of the decorating disaster that we shall never speak of although Laura made Oli’s cake for his 5th birthday which was probably for the best. I can cook but decoration is beyond me.photoIt’s a perfect party cake, sturdy but not solid and lightly favoured.

The Custard Power Cake

This is a Nigella Lawson recipe, she thinks it makes a great birthday cake, which it does, and you can make it quickly on a Saturday morning when the first cake goes wrong (not that I’ve ever needed to do that!). In the example below, I sacrificed Oli’s birthday card to get the shape of the 4….20131125-084835.jpg

There’s the ever adaptable Carrot Cake.Back Camera

This is the cake I make most. I joke that I am the Baxter birthday baker and it’s always this cake that I get asked for, in fact this year the toddlers and I made the cake for Adam, while Kathy tried to get some work done.DSCF0825I’ve made some changes from the original, more carrots, the addition of raisins or sultanas, lots more cinnamon (like at least triple the amount!). I don’t make a cream cheese frosting because I get that so wrong on a regular basis and this one is easier to manage.

Finally pavlova. Its not cake but it’s another thing that no one I know turns down.IMG_2847


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