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This week I will bake myself a cake. It won’t be all for me, there will be Ben, Laura, Oli, Josephine, Tabitha and Ma to help me eat it. There will not be candles, the last time I had a … Continue reading

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Jillian’s Birthday Cake

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you’ll have worked out that my Ma and I are very close. It wasn’t always this way, according to her I was a teenage nightmare! I always reply to that … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake

No post yesterday due to migraine! But I want to tell you about this cake! Last weekend, I make a chocolate cake, for Kathy. I took two photos of it when it was in the fridge. Which was foolish but … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

This evening, with any luck, my flat will be full of people drinking cocktails and eating pizza and cake.I like cocktails and I like food and I like making both for my friends but it’s fair to say that I’m … Continue reading

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The Weekend

On Friday I worked from home. This was great because it meant that on Friday night I got a head start on making Oli’s birthday cake with the specified Mickey Mouse theme. Making cakes are fine but I really suck … Continue reading

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