Reasons to be Cheerful July 2015

I got to spend time with Oliver at the beginning of the month and he was mostly delightful. He explained adhesion to me “when two things stick together, like a nose and candyfloss”. He is a self confessed drama queen (a Dempsey for sure!) but also funny, curious and clever. This is his scary face.IMG_3164Breakfast for a week in July was this and it was amazingIMG_3187Kindness from others, I nearly fainted on the Tube one morning and the girl who walked me to the Victoria Line train and gave me some water, by freaky co-incidence, lives in Fulham right next to where I used to live.

A weekend where all plans got cancelled lead to dinner at Ma’s (and fizz!)IMG_3225An appointment about my foot. It was a frustrating couple of hours but I’m still amazingly grateful for the NHS, which hopefully will survive in spite of the governments best efforts to destroy it.IMG_0039

Haircut. Last thing in July a much needed haircut. I can see through my fringe!   

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