Friday Links

Happy Friday…

I wasn’t going to comment at all about the ‘Planned Parenthood are selling baby parts’ story because it’s not happening here but then a friend of a friend on Facebook mentioned it it all seriousness and so this seems like the most appropriate response to it.

Boris Johnson and the new Routemaster. I loved the old ones, I don’t like the new ones and buses should have conductors…

Clinton emails reveal what Sidney Blumenthal thought of Cameron. While I don’t agree with his thinking that Tony Blair should have been president of the EU, his thoughts on Dave are pretty damning.

“On foreign policy, Cameron is unsure, inexperienced, oblique, and largely uncommitted. So far his foreign policy is little more than projection of his domestic politics.”

Suzanne Moore on Cilla Black. I’m sorry, but she wasn’t an amazing singer. Go and listen to her rendition of ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’. See. It’s screechy.

And onto another person I have always had doubts about. I know that it’s fashionable to say it now, but I’ve always thought there was something off about Camila Batmanghelidjh, (no grown person needs 3 PA’s) I didn’t doubt that her heart was in the right place but I just didn’t really didn’t trust her or her methods. (my gut is never wrong about these things, Boris Yeltsin,  Kids Company is closing down today which is what happens when you throw money at something and don’t build proper foundations.


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