Life Happened – High Society

Some weeks  are really hard and you really feel it, some are still hard but good and this week fell into the later category. All of the things that are difficult in my life were still difficult, I’m still struggling with my breathing more than I’d like, I’m still feeling poor, my feet still hurt, work is boring and frustrating in equal measure and I have raging PMS but last week did not feel like a disaster.


I did the things at home that needed doing, I went to bed early, I forced myself to get out of bed when I really didn’t want to, I took a half day on Wednesday to sort myself out, I changed my route home from work so I walked for half an hour first which helped me transition from work to home. In short, I got a grip on myself and being in control really helps me get things into perspective, so that I could really appreciate the nice things that did happen this week.

There was bread pudding mostly for Jane because she needed something nice..IMG_3242And a haircut which I really, really needed..IMG_3249-0I got two early birthday cards, from Kathy and Adam, and from Jane and co. (Jane also gave me a bottle of Champagne because she knows me well, and K&A, who also know what I like, bought me the Franco Manca pizza book!). On the way back from Jane’s, I picked up a huge bag of free rhubarb from the allotments near her. There is crumble in my future…IMG_3245I also popped round to see Kathy & Adam and the Baxter babies, we had pizza and watched A Close Shave, with the youngest of the two telling me about the ‘bad dog’ whenever he appeared! Those children are delightful but I don’t think K&A are going to get any proper sleep until they’re teenagers!

On the way home, I discovered that Waitrose are selling Gin and Tonic Ice Cream (like they read my mind!)IMG_3252On Saturday, Ma and I went to see High Society at the Old Vic. It was good but my problem with it was that it wasn’t The Philadelphia Story which is better…IMG_3256The rest of the weekend was passed reading, relaxing and generally loafing around.

A good week…

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