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Life Happened – a difficult week

I’d like to tell you that although last week was busy and stressy, I handled it gracefully. I did not, I handled it, survived and didn’t burst into tears, lose my temper and start shouting or kill anyone, even though I … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

BB King died this week. This was going through my head most of Friday. Is this the best example of BB’s music, nah but it was the first thing I thought about when I heard he’d died. So… I was … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday! Hopefully, everyone has had a busy productive week and is ready for a nice relaxing weekend. Here are this week’s links… Well this is horrific. X-ray scan at Spanish border reveals child in suitcase.  The problem is Labour’s … Continue reading

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Perfect Poached Eggs

I’m not a perfect cook. My palate is not that refined, I love to cook but don’t like to spent hours in the kitchen, I try to hold an 80/20 rule about eating processed foods and I do pretty well … Continue reading

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Half Way

It’s Wednesday and sunny and I had a migraine last night and I’m the only person in the admin team that’s in the office and it’s a high stress work week. I don’t feel at my best, today I would … Continue reading

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Dinner (and lunch)

I’m having a stressy week. In fact, from here on in, the first two weeks of every month are going to be pretty high stress at work. Unfortunately, those two weeks are my migraine (PMT) weeks. So now you know … Continue reading

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Life Happened – General Elections and Babysitting

Last week was quite the week.   On Election Night, Ma and I were at the National to hear a recreation of the Putney Debates, which was even more fascinating considering the day. Things are always changing and are always the … Continue reading

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