Reasons to be Cheerful – April 2015

1) More family time. Watching Oli prank his parents with his Easter chickIMG_29392) Seeing Jo and Ms T (and getting a postcard from Ms T, where she says she misses me and wants more rules!!)IMG_29233) The Gin Martini and just general wonder that I live in a world where gin exists…IMG_29274) The amazingness of living in a connected world where people can do nice things for one another. Illustrated by the ‘dinosaur dress’. Kathy’s girl wanted a dress with dinosaurs on it, one of Kathy’s friends saw this on Facebook and made one and posted it to them. Humans, we can be amazing…IMG_29745) Sunshine. Yay for sunshine…IMG_29846) And work lunches in the parkIMG_2951



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