Half Way

IMG_3055It’s Wednesday and sunny and I had a migraine last night and I’m the only person in the admin team that’s in the office and it’s a high stress work week.

I don’t feel at my best, today I would just like my life to be a little easier. I’d like to be a little less worried about money, a little bit more appreciated at work, I’d like life to be a little bit more exciting and for my friends to be a little bit more in touch. I know that that’s not going to happen because that’s not how my life has ever worked.

Usually, when I feel like this, I get really cross. I power myself through those feelings on a tide of being bloody furious. That’s what I do when I don’t feel understood or valued, I get cross.

Emotionally, I’m basically a three year old.

Today though, I’m just too meh to be cross and despite all the many and varied things I have to be grateful for (and I know they are legion), I’m sad and I’d like a hug and tired enough (10 hours sleep in three days will do that) not to have a filter about it.

So that’s how things are here, half way through the week….




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