Friday Links

Happy Friday! So we’ve had the election and the people have spoken (the utter bastards) so I’m going to keep this an election and royal baby free zone as I’m too depressed.

Except that Monkey did a thing on matching gins to political parties, gin AND puns, I can’t not link to it. The Gineral Election

How to Declutter.

Sali Hughes on Not Going Out. Exactly..

How to eat a cheese sandwich. A cheese roll or a sandwich at a push is the hangover food of the Gods. Although I do agree, it’s most effect for a ‘3 to 4 cocktails and in bed by 11pm, with a pint of water’ hangover rather than ‘an up all night, multiple bottles of red wine with a whiskey chaser’ hangover. And it should be mature cheddar, lots of butter, no mayonnaise, white bread AND no Branston because like milk and baked beans, Branston pickle is the food of the Devil!

Abstinence only sex education doesn’t work. Redux.


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