Life Happened – Being Sick

This was my view Tues to Friday.IMG_2724

On Friday, Ma came over to rescue me…

I showered, did some shopping and changed the bed. It’s amazing how much better clean sheets make you feel.

On Saturday, I was up about 8.30am and launched into the laundry, I hadn’t done any for the whole week so everything I’d arrived back from France with was sitting in the washing machine! I’d got all the things that I needed for next week and didn’t get on Friday with Ma and took a trip to the laundrette to dry the sheets (I just couldn’t be doing with having drying laundry hanging around the flat!). By 7.30pm, I was contemplating bed

I had a bath and was in bed at 8.25pm!

Sunday was another trip to the laundrette to dry towels this time and an afternoon on the  sofa with a book and to catch up with Spiral. I know that Scandi-noir is all the rage but I’ve always preferred Spiral!

That was possibly the high point of the weekend. I retired to bed on Sunday, all laundry done and put away, as prepared for the coming week as I could be but still slightly husky.

Next week is going to be deliberately quiet, I’m not going to the gym and plan early nights  so I can really kick this bug and be well enough for dinner at Jenny’s on Friday.

Hopefully everyone else had a better, and more social, week. Tell me what are you all up to?


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