Shop ’til you drop…

It has been commented on many times but I have a lot of stuff…a huge bed, chest of drawers, my lovely chairs that we got from my godmother and so much kitchen stuff it’s not real and we won’t talk about the camping stuff.

So I was determined that I would only have an unfurnished flat and I have one, but over the last 4 and half years, I’ve got rid of/given stuff away so there are things that I really need and don’t have.  Over this weekend I have bought: an iron, an ironing board, an airer, a kitchen bin, a house phone, a radio, a bathmat, a laundry basket, a toilet brush, some baskety things, a lampshade, a mop, a bucket, a broom, a dustpan and brush, a soap dispenser and various household cleaning items (being clean requires a lot of stuff and the person who had my flat before me, wasn’t clean!)  It’s a big list and there is more stuff to buy, a wardrobe, some shelves and some lamps being the most pressing….and mum agrees…and as she leads the ‘you have too much stuff’ cheer squad.

But I am excited and looking forward to being in the flat and finding out what else there is in storage that I’ve forgotten about, roll on 4th July..

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