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Monday Miscellany: Adventures in Dog Sitting

Happy Monday! So the thing I couldn’t talk about last week was that I spent the weekend looking after Mike and Christelle’s dogs, while Mike whisked Christelle off to France to see her family for the first time in two … Continue reading

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The Weekend

Happy Monday people! Ready to tackle this bright and shiny week? No, can say I am either but the week is here whether we’re feeling up to it or not! My weekend was tiring but fun, Oli was delightful, which … Continue reading

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Too much fun..

Last night was great…perfect manhattans are perfect.     This morning, I’m sitting at my desk with the biggest cup of coffee, a ham and cheese croissant and the prospect of a really tricky meeting ahead of me. Thank goodness … Continue reading

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The Weekend

On Friday I worked from home. This was great because it meant that on Friday night I got a head start on making Oli’s birthday cake with the specified Mickey Mouse theme. Making cakes are fine but I really suck … Continue reading

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Oliver James…

Today is Oli’s third birthday. It’s hard to believe that this small boy has only been a member of our family for three years, it seems like he was always here and no time at all. Which I guess is … Continue reading

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Oliver James

I do like spending time with this boy.. As he gets older, I’m completely gobsmacked by the depth of emotion I feel for him. I’m pretty much resigned to not having a child of my own but I’m going to … Continue reading

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Happy Monday

I’m struggling a bit at the moment, nothing too dreadful, just migrainy and tired. It’s difficult to cope when I always have a sore head, feel like I going to throw up and just want to sleep. So happy making … Continue reading

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Another morning without a lie in

I’m up early to go and see this little man while his parents go and have a day (and a night) off. So I won’t get a lie in tomorrow either! Somehow I don’t think I’ll mind too much!

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Toddlers and balloons

There’s a balloon Toddler wants balloon Daddy gives in Toddler plays with balloon even though balloon is bigger than him!! Toddler lets go of balloon Toddler pines for balloon Daddy rescues balloon Gives balloon back to toddler Toddler is happy … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 7

Instead of boring post, today I got an invitation ‘from’ Olly to his birthday party! I do love being an aunt..

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