The Weekend

On Friday I worked from home.

This was great because it meant that on Friday night I got a head start on making Oli’s birthday cake with the specified Mickey Mouse theme.

Making cakes are fine but I really suck at decorating them.

It was Friday so there was pizza! Mushroom, spinach and goats cheese on a spelt crust it was pretty good

On Saturday I got my act together and ordered my Christmas cards then to Watford for Oli’s birthday party.

Oli was really excited and also enjoyed play fighting with the balloons, which he called banging. Which led to this little exchange:

Auntie Nic: “Oli what do you need”

Oli: “I need to bang you”

Clearly he needs to broaden his vocabulary!

Home and to bed. I had a really bad night’s sleep and was not all that cheerful on Sunday morning.

However, I got a bit of a head start on some holiday baking – banana bread, gingerbread and mince pies!

I also finished this years Christmas CD and started to burn them to give away (please let me know if you want a CD with cheesy Christmas songs on it, I’m happy to spread the love!)

It feels like I’ve been really busy but in actual fact, I haven’t done that much! Next week isn’t a task heavy week but it’s Stef’s anniversary on Thursday and Christelle’s birthday on Friday. Also on Friday night, Ma and I have Oli. Working on the basis that Oli is happier when he has something to do and he loves to cook, we are going to make pizza!

How was your weekend? Are you getting ready for Christmas? What are your plans for the week?

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