When I was about 14 I read a book (actually I read lots of books, all I did was read, and I spent so much time in the library I got offered a job!) My reading taste was broad and I was lucky that the staff at my local library, the school librarian and my English teacher, Mr O’Brien gave my books I should be reading.  One of those books was Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey. When I’m interested in something, I tend to read my way around it, so I read about the War of Roses and the Middle Ages in general, I also read historical novels (some of which where shockingly bad).  I fairly quickly decided that I didn’t think Richard III was responsible for the murdering his nephews and didn’t have a hunchback.

All of this is a way of explaining why I was so excited to go to Middleham, this summer. I know it was way back in September but it was a good day and I’m having a bad week and it’s cold and dark and I’m feeling that I may never have a nice time again..so indulge me and look at the pretty pictures…

It’s a ruin now, but then most of the castles I love best are.

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