Allotment Adventures: Getting a bit chilly

Last week didn’t only mark the beginning of November but maybe the beginning of cold weather. It has been getting colder, on the plot you can see it in what’s coming off the plot, as my allotment neighbour put it after October “it’s all green and leafy”.

This year I tried to plan better for overwintering vegetables and have kale, chard and black radishes doing well. There are leeks too but I seem to be plagued by leek problems, there’s rust and now allium leaf miner next year they are going under mesh but that’s how it goes.

So with the weather approaching, this week was about putting things to bed. We took up the marigolds and nasturtiums but left the cosmos for a bit.

We covered three more beds for winter, all of those beds need compost/manure but we can’t leave anything uncovered because the foxes have a field day digging otherwise! We also sowed broad beans, we’ve been on the look out for garlic but unless I order it online, can get any and with the rust issue, decided that we’d leave it this year.

I took up all of the salad leaves, so this is the last sinkful of salad for this seasonwe also harvested chard and kale.and found out that there had been a delivery of woodchip, so took the opportunity to add to the paths.There’s quite a bit to do to this month but we’re in good shape.

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