Allotment Adventures: We built compost bins

We finally got the compost bins built this week! They are not straight but they are built!

That done, I got on with cutting down the autumn raspberries and removing the summer one. Ma got on with weeding the area by the compost bins.

If you cast your mind back to last year, this area was the first bit of the new half that we worked on.

December 2019

The weeds are persistent and we had another compost bin there. So once Ma had weeded, I moved the compost pile and we laid down cardboard and covered in wood chip. I’m going to move the wooden compost bin to the back with the others. I think we’ll leave the black one in place. We are going to remove the little wooden fence and add two more raised beds to that space but that probably can wait until spring.

At the other end, we’ve made some decisions. The summer raspberries are gone (I’m sure they will make an attempt to come back in the spring but we’ll just keep pulling them up!) We currently have two blackcurrant bushes in one bed, so next week, I’ll move one of them to the bed where the summer raspberries were. If there is woodchip, I’ll top up all the fruit bushes with it as that’s always helped them.

Also on the list for next week, is moving the gooseberries into the bed and weeding so much weeding on that that part of the plot. I also need to strim the paths as well.

I’ll like to list all the other things I need to do next week but we have about 3-4 hours and if I get all of that done, I’ll be surprised!

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