Monday Miscellany: May

Happy Monday!

In the UK, we have yet another Bank Holiday, I’m not complaining, they come thick and fast in Spring and we have two at the beginning of June.


I will either spend today being super productive or lying on the sofa reading a book, I haven’t decided yet!

Last week was strange, I was set for a super productive week but by Wednesday, I was feeling a little bit like someone had smacked me, repeatedly and I had a headache. I think that it’s mostly due to having stopped and having to restart my HRT, it wasn’t COVID, but I did the sensible things, (early nights, lots of water etc) and rallied for Saturday when Ma and I went to see the rest of the family.


It was lovely, we sat in the garden and had lunch and it was just a nice time.

Black dogs don’t fare well in the heat

I have two weeks at work until I’m on leave for a week and then back for a week and then on leave for four days and then it’s June. So I’m going to be busy making sure that everything is as sorted as I can make it. I also need to deliver some training, which to be totally honest, is not my skill set but I want to make a start on that. So that’s going to be my focus this week. Socially, it’s the usual, hopefully a walk with Sue later on in the week and allotment, followed by Grace is on Saturday.

That absolutely works for me, it’s Spring and I feel like everything is about to kick off but I just need to make sure that all the basics are in place before it does!

Have a good week!

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