The irises on the plot came up just in time for my grandmother’s birthday.

Iris Lillian Bright was (I’m told) named Iris because they were blooming in her father’s garden when she was born (and she would probably have been born at home). She was by all accounts lovely and I’m sure I would have loved her but she was only a year older than I am now when she died. My grandparents marriage wasn’t a great success, it may have gotten smoother if they’d had more time, it may have got worse. We can’t know, I’ve always thought that not having Iris around probably gave Grandad a chance to shine with his grandchildren. Although, if Iris had lived longer Ma would probably have gone onto A levels and University and I wouldn’t have existed.

I also don’t have a picture of her by herself!

I will always have irises in my garden mostly because they are pretty and also because they are a part of my childhood, Grandad used to bring irises in May, and because they link me to all the people that are  a part of who I am even though I never met them!

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